7 Ways To Increase Facebook Engagement (Without Paying to Play)

Apr 08, 2014

Facebook Fill in The Blank

A collective groan has been echoing from Facebook users far and wide. Those carefully crafted, call-to-actions on your Page are being seen by less and less of your fans. Organic reach, which reflects the number of people who see/interact with your post in a news feed or on your page, is down. Facebook has already admitted to reducing it – and rumors are swirling that it will ultimately go down to a little as 1% -2% of total users.

Why? Because it wants you to pay to “advertise” your post to all of your friends and your friends’ friends that you worked so hard to get. Well, we’re not buying – and neither should you. At least, not yet. We’ve compiled some suggestions to get the highest return on your posts, without paying to play. Keep in mind, what works for some, may not work for others. So keep testing what works for you within the bigger picture of your brand strategies.

Check out these 7 tips to help increase your posts’ organic reach and engagement.

Be Relevant

Write about things your followers are interested in. What made them follow you? What do they click on? Do more of that.

Post Consistently

When you start posting, be consistent with it. Don’t start today, not post for a week and start again next month expecting the same post interaction. Facebook’s algorithm doesn’t work well with that. Neither do most followers. If they start looking for you and can’t find you – or don’t see anything new – they may look elsewhere.

Start A Conversation

Once you’ve figured out what content your followers want and delivering it regularly – engage them in conversation. Post interaction is key in the Facebook world. If someone likes, comments or clicks on a post, not only will their friends see it – you will most likely show up more in their news feeds. Try not to just post a title with the link . We’re human. We like stories – and if they resonate, we share them. So ask questions, give your opinions or do something as simple as add a fill-in-the-blank” post. Here’s a tip straight from Facebook to get you started.

Use More Images

Mix it up a bit. Posting links are good. Images can often be better. Images are more likely to liked and shared – and allow you to tell your story at-a-glance.  This does not mean you should go on selfie-overload. You can start off by sharing inspirational quotes or using infographics.

Tag Relevant Pages

Facebook recently announced that when a Page tags another Page, they may show the post to some of the people who like or follow the tagged Page. So, start tagging. But, like, selfies, don’t over do it.

Establish Relationships

Connect with friends to see how you can cross post content. Sharing posts (especially if Pages are tagged) can help you not only get more post interaction – it may garner some extra likes.

Review Page Insights

Last, but not least, watch the insights on your page and see what is actually working for you. The interface is much simpler now, so you should be able to decipher the metrics with ease, including the best days and times to post.  Make sure to check insights regularly. What worked yesterday may not work today, but it just might work tomorrow.