The Only Three Social Media Dimensions You Need

Dec 29, 2014

Social Media Dimensions (via

We all know captivating images are the holy grail of social media. But, let’s face it — with so many platforms, creating even the simplest graphic seems daunting. The image works great on Facebook, but is barely legible on Instagram. Your header is perfect for Google+, but gets cut off in Facebook. Let’s not even deal with desktop vs mobile. Yeah, we know all the correct sizes to create each one, but who has the time?

Well, has come up with three different size graphics we’ll really ever need to use for social media (until Facebook updates, yet again).

  • 1280x720px (Landscape)
  • 735x1102px (Portrait)
  • 900×900 (Square)

The graphic above isn’t to full scale, so if you’re not Photoshop-inclined, you’ll need to go here to download full-scale blueprints of each size.

Can we say amazing?!?