Rising Artist Caine Casket Releases New Single “Bil•lows”

May 19, 2016

Caine Casket X Bil•lows

May 19, 2016 (NY) –Rising emcee Caine Casket is in the clouds with the release of his new single “Bil·lows”. The atmospheric track channels an “avant garde hip-hop meets trap soul” sound with production by D. Sanders & Texan producer Raava.

The mid-tempo tune is a follow-up to Caine’s debut EP, New Jerusalem, which garnered positive critical reviews. “Bil·lows” captures the 22-year-old New Jersey-native as he journeys above his cloudy conscious, showcasing his lyrical prowess with a collection of potent metaphors, soothing vocals and thunderous rhyme schemes.

“In this digital age where both faith and religion have become unimportant topics, ‘Google it’ has become the mantra & spiritual guide to our mobile generation,” said Caine. “‘Bil·lows’ is about finding your own way through the ‘cloud’ both online and off.”

Stream the driving new track below:

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About Caine Casket

Caine Casket is a 22-year-old sonic and visual artist who has been writing since he was a pre-teen. Eventually, the New Jersey native became more serious about his craft and began work on his debut EP, New Jerusalem.

His debut effort garnered positive critical reviews and has helped earn him a reputation as an adept hip-hop artist and producer. His abstract lyricism, grainy sonic textures and array of cross-genre influences combine to create a musical landscape that is driving, yet soothing. His poetic reflections are both perceptive and pensive delivered via “melancholy mid-tempo verses with feelsy vocal-harmony hooks.”