ISSE Midwest 2012: Day 2 Recap w/ Faatemah

07th Nov 2012

Our favorite celeb hairstylist Faatemah closed out her Trending with Texture and Retro Evolution classes this Monday at the 2012 ISSE Midwest in Rosemont, IL. with a bang! She continued to wow with her advanced styling techniques for ethnic and naturally textured hair, along with modernized …

ISSE Midwest 2012: Day 1 Recap w/ Faatemah

05th Nov 2012

“Faatemah is possibly the most brilliant, entertaining and genuine person we have ever come across.  Whether your question is hair related or how to overcome  “mommy guilt”,  Faatemah has the answer.  Think of her as your stylish Hair Fairy Godmother.  …

#PR101: Following Up With Networking Contacts

15th Oct 2012

You’re a networking superstar: everywhere you go, you leave with at least three business cards and three new possible connections. Now what? How often do we exchange information with a new connection only to never contact them? Are you afraid …

Georgia Ellyse Added to Empower Me Tour panel

12th Oct 2012

Media impresario Georgia Ellyse joins Olympic silver medalist Lashinda Demus, and moderator Bevy Smith for Girl Talk this Saturday during United Negro College Fund’s (UNCF) Empower Me Tour . Created in partnership with Wells Fargo, the UNCF Empower Me Tour … Recaps CITY KINGS’ Debut Event

15th Aug 2012

Recap: City Kings: Bad Boy vs. Roc-a-Fella by Felice Leon August 13, 2012 Link: The Dekalb Market gets turned out yet again. On Saturday, DJ CEO and the Noir Music Series came together to produce City Kings: Bad Boy …